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Brilliance & Badassery

We just wrapped up our inaugural Brilliance & Badassery event in Chicago, where a bunch of plucky, solopreneurial badasses  converged to co-create a remarkable experience and grow their businesses.

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Brilliance & Badassery is an instantly actionable, jam-packed, fun, take no prisoners, BS-free, delightfully unconventional solopreneurfest.

We're taking cities by storm – and we want you to be a part of it.

At this high-voltage, highly interactive, two-day extravaganza, we will work together to shake you by the shoulders so you can realize much more potential, do extraordinary things with your time and energy, and elevate your business to the next level.

  • Get unstuck from whatever is holding you back or holding you down.
  • Challenge and stretch yourself to step beyond your comfort zone.
  • Dig into your potential and find out what you’re really made of.
  • Connect with fellow solopreneurs who inspire and astonish you.
  • Discover brilliant new business ideas, grounded in solid strategy.
  • Become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.
  • Have a darn good time.

We will come together under one roof to instigate new ideas and get on with the business of changing the world, both individually and collectively. This event is chock full of learning and doing led by our #WorkFam and co-created by participants.

At Brilliance & Badassery, participation isn't optional.

We reiterate: this is not an event where you get to sit back and take it all in. We know that’s how most of these kinds of events go down, but this is so-much-more than the typical, stuffy, basic entrepreneurship conference, remember?

You won’t be forced to listen as glorified expert after glorified expert steps on stage to read PowerPoint slides at you. We’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Here we will learn from each other, challenge convention, think bigger, and form a #workfam.

You also won’t be suffering through boring breakout sessions that are all-too-often thinly veiled 45-minute sales pitches with weak content. We’ve designed our mini-workshops to be highly interactive and immediately actionable with no sales pitch in sight.

And we guarantee you won’t be sitting with your ass glued to a chair in student-mode with few opportunities to interact and learn from fellow participants. You can do that crap from the comfort of your own home. At this event, you’re going to make powerful connections with other solopreneurs who get it...and get you.

Entrepreneurial success doesn't come to passive bystanders.

It takes great ideas and serious action.

Forget about the usual trust falls, firewalks, and other manufactured challenges. That’s as far as “interactive” usually goes at these things. Not at our party. This is not the event for someone who wants to be bombarded with feel good mantras and guided meditation exercises that make you feel all warm and gooey inside. We’re not going to coddle you by doling out platitudes that make you feel good but take you nowhere. (We may dance a little, though. Ain’t nothing wrong with dancing.)

At our event, you are empowered and expected to show up ready to learn AND contribute. You'll be in a room full of badass thought leaders and innovators and consultants and writers and teachers and coaches and creatives ready to share their wisdom and who deserve the opportunity to learn from YOU. We will be there facilitating and participating right there alongside the community.

Brilliance & Badassery will activate you, challenge you, connect, support, and soothe you – so you can finally, actually live the damn dream.

Get here. Get loud. Get clear. Get it done.

Chicago's Event Schedule

Curious about our not-quite-a-conference/peer-led approach? Look no further! Click below to see we spent our days flexing our brilliance & badassery.

Frequently Asked Questions, the Chicago Edition

October 22nd and 23rd 2018. We’re holding a private kickoff happy hour the night before the event, so plan on arriving early October 21st. We also have post-conference Chicago sightseeing field trip planned on Wednesday, October 24th (totes optional).

We are shopping around Downtown Chicago neighborhoods for the best possible venue for our unconventional event. The venue will be disclosed soon. Stay tuned.

That’s a very fair question. You probably know at least ONE of us, but allow us to tell you about us. See the video above for a quick into to each of us or check out our bios on the About page.

Our vision for this event is to host these in different cities a couple times each year. We chose Chicago for our inaugural event because 1. It’s where Annie lives, 2. It’s around the corner from where Tamsen lives. 3. It’s centrally located for Jenn, Carrie, and Jennie to get to, so it’ll be centrally located for most of you as well. And 4. Because Chicago is a fabulous long as you don’t eat their pizza. What is going on with their pizza?!

Don't fret. Half of our organizers are, too. No one will force you into anything you don't want to do. Boundaries are still very much a thing in our world and we promise you'll be in very good, nurturing hands.

You’ll definitely want to bring a writing implement (Coach Jennie really likes saying the phrase “writing implement”) and paper of some sort. We also encourage you to bring your smartphone. We’re relying on the participants to plaster Instagram with #BBFest photos.

As far as we’re concerned, you can wear whatever you’d like as long as you’re decent. You do you. We will personally be dressing up a bit for Sunday happy hour, dressing comfortably biz casual for the main event on Monday and Tuesday, and going totally casual for our field trip on Wednesday. That said, we fully expect Annie to show up in sequins at some point of the week. Prepare accordingly.

As we speak, Annie is creating a comprehensive guide to her hometown. She's also available for questions!  If you’re not renting a car to get around while you’re here, we recommend using Lyft for getting around.

Once you register for the event, you’ll be invited to join our B&B Facebook group (for ticket holders only). There’s a great conversation started up there with out-of-towners looking to split rooming costs. To join/create a slumber party, visit the group.

Abso-freaking-lutely. Our team is pretty darn obsessed with facilitating connections long before the event begins. We have some tricks up our sleeves, plus an exclusive Facebook community just for attendees.

Umm, yeah! Events like these are even more fun and powerful if you come with your entourage. Invite everyone you know that’s up for this experience.

We are happy to work with you to break up your registration fee into a couple payments so it better fits into your budget. There is a 2 payment option on the checkout page.

There are no refunds allowed, but you can certainly transfer your ticket to someone else. We’re not gonna charge a transfer fee because that’s just douchey, but we do ask that you let us know who is coming in your place no later than Friday, October 12th. You know, for the name tags and such.

We can’t anticipate ‘em all. Shoot your question over to us via email at 

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